Your digital showroom solution


Visualise your product range

With SampleRoom, all of your product data is highly visual, making it easier to plan, manage and execute better collections for your customers and stores. 

Digitise your supply chain

Analyse, update, and share information with buyers, planners, and sellers, elevating sample production and showroom spaces. Streamline, simplify, and elevate your product through the power of technology. Design efficient vendor and customer portals.

More results, less time and money

From product sourcing to sales, visualise your collections better via our state-of-the-art technology. Additionally, save money on samples with better sourcing overviews and more relevant visuals. 


Our 3D software allows teams from every department to interact with realistic renderings of your collection.

Go further with our innovative solutions and raise the bar of your wholesale and retail presentations. 


    Sales Teams

  • Get instant access to information via our cloud-based application.

  • Digitally view every single item in the collection and create custom product catalogues with ease.
  • Present instant, visual collection overviews to your shop-in-shop and branding space clients.
  • Save money and time with access to visuals individual team members need.

    Sourcing, Planning and Buying

  • Conceptualise your range with actionable and deeply integrated product data.

  • Cloud-based technology allows access to resources and overviews wherever you are.
  • Effortlessly create and share storyboards to preview products and range.
  • Capture product images via any smart device and immediately update your pre-buying overview.

A new benchmark for retail

Our digital showroom solution elevates and grows with your business.