Telstar Trading/ANWB climbs higher mountains

Clothing and travel goods firm implements PLM to streamline global design, sourcing and shop floor execution 

iShopShape announced today that Telstar Trading, a Netherlands-based company that designs, develops and distributes outdoor clothing and travel articles, has licensed its complete range of product lifecycle management (PLM), collaboration and retail solutions. Telstar Trading’s product development teams in Europe and China have started using the ChainReaction SOURCE product, and the system is also available to external suppliers who can enter important data directly in the web-based PLM system. The Assortment Plan module within ChainReaction will be used by Telstar to dynamically control their complete sourcing and delivery process. 

Telstar has specialised in retail since 1976 and its product range now includes sports clothing, footwear and other items for outdoor pursuits and travel. The company is a subsidiary of the Netherlands motoring organisation ANWB and sells its “Human Nature” line through ANWB’s 130 shops and those of other motoring organisations, such as ADAC in Germany and Touring in Belgium. In total, Telstar Trading supplies 250 shops from its headquarters in Harderwijk and also has a subsidiary in Shanghai.

Prior to 2010, Telstar’s growth was putting a strain on its supply chain, with teams in China and Europe using different Excel spreadsheets and other isolated solutions for product planning and merchandising. This led to multiple requests for samples to external suppliers, increasing costs and the risk of errors. In 2010 it issued a call for tenders and evaluated 6 PLM suppliers, selecting iShopShape for its advanced technology and extensive industry experience.

ChainReaction SOURCE and Mockshop support Telstar Trading’s product development and purchasing/sourcing teams in their efforts to define products, pricing, colours and sizes for each collection. A special feature in the new process is that it is conducted from the outset with the store type in mind, allowing staff to allocate specific merchandise to small, medium and large stores and forecast revenue volumes for each product line as a result. Based on this information, Telstar’s styling and product development teams will use iShopShape’s solutions to develop the collections, decide on sample types, prices and deadlines, and design shop floor layouts according to the store type and the merchandise assigned to it.

These decisions will be dependent on important data delivered and shared by teams using ChainReaction SOURCE, including measurements, accurate bills of materials, quality management and label instructions. Armed with this data, Telstar can make well-founded sourcing and supplier decisions based on better-quality information. Shortlisted suppliers then produce samples for the chosen products and all parties – head office staff, the Shanghai team and the suppliers – can use the web-based collaboration tools in ChainReaction to accelerate the sampling process.

“In recent years we have more than doubled the size of our main distribution centre and that was an important milestone for us,” says Joost van Renselaar, Marketing & Sales manager at Telstar Trading. “Today, iShopShape’s solution suite will help us achieve the next key milestone in our growth strategy – streamlined supply chain processes, reduced time to market, and increased productivity. With our planning and production on different continents, the 24/7 availability of a single source of information in ChainReaction SOURCE makes team-collaboration far more efficient and virtually eliminates errors.

“Despite its cost advantages, globalisation can lead to misunderstandings, errors and even delays,” comments Tom van Soest, director of the PLM division at iShopShape. “Telstar Trading has recognised this risk and taken a decisive step to increase its competitive advantage with efficient processes from planning through to retail execution. At Telstar, ChainReaction SOURCE and Mockshop ensure that all internal and external staff are on the same page, with an easy-to-use solution that’s available around the clock and around the world.”

Madeline Ana VidakComment