We’re hiring a black-belt web- & iOS developer!

Keywords: iOS, HTML5, mobile apps, digital image processing, 3D, Amsterdam

About iShopshape

iShopShape develops & sells innovative products for the retail industry. iShopShape provides a suite of solutions for retailers, both in the bricks & mortar world as well as the web. Well known products are Mockshop, ChainReaction and ShopShape. The customers of iShopShape include Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger.
We are growing globally very quickly and expect to open more offices in the US and Europe before the end of 2013. We’d like to speed up the product development proces as well and are hiring developers.


Looking for A+ developers

As a developer, you will be working with the most cutting edge software stacks and client platforms. You should feel comfortable with iPad development, 3D visualization, digital image processing and web development.
You will be part of an in-house team of software developers, which provides the opportunity to create an Agile working environment to your own vision. All in all, iShopShape expects to grow to a team of 10 developers, designers and product managers.
iShopShape is located in Haarlem, which is 15 minutes by train from Amsterdam. As a foreign developer, ShopShape will help you move to Amsterdam, find a house, and provide assistance with all sorts of administrative hassle.



  1. Proven experience with web technology, 3D and mobile development, in combination with a “be smart, get it done” character:
  2. Experience with one of the more popular web-based stacks: Java, .NET, Python or PHP, in conjunction with a lot of HTML5 experience. Currently, the development stack at iShopShape consists of Java, C++, HTML5 and iOS. However, it doesn’t really matter what you know now as long as your learning capabilities are okay.
  3. A lot of experience and knowledge in the fields of computer science- and software engineering. This can vary from design patters and programming language concepts to operating systems and networking. The candidate should have a broad and deep understanding of the whole technology universe.
  4. A strong opinion on Agile development methods. That means: scrum, a strong focus on automated testing and automated deployment, tickets & wikis, and source code versioning. Scrum, by the way, is just a method, not a goal
  5. A healthy dose of common sense and pragmatism. A lasersharp focus on shipping software and creating the best customer experience. Creating the maximum result with the minimum amount of effort. A systematic and empirical approach to solving problems.
  6. The ability to work close together with product developers and -designers. A deep understanding how businesses generate value. A passion for innovative products that end-users love.
  7. iShopShape considers it an absolute plus if you have completed a MSc or BSC computer science program. You should hold at least 2 years of full-time working experience.



  1. An above-market salary, with the possibility to participate in a stock appreciation program.
  2. An exciting product domain: web, mobile and 3D.
  3. Creation of products that literally reshape the industry.
  4. A growing organisation where you can contribute strongly to architecture design and company culture.
  5. Haarlem is very close to Amsterdam and close to the beach. If you live abroad, we can relocate you and help you with the proper permits and paperwork.
  6. The Netherlands has an interesting tax setup for foreign knowledge workers.


More information

If you are interested in the developer position, please contact us at: bartel.huibregtsen@ishopshape.com

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