Wallpaper* Magazine features StyleShoots

The world renown Wallpaper* Magazine is featuring StyleShoots in it’s technology section, describing how this new photo studio is disrupting the world of e-commerce photography:


“With just a flick of a switch, the new Auto Alpha™ algorithm captures two images: one with almost 4000 LEDs on (creating an over exposed image) and one full product image, with the LEDs off. The two images are morphed together, with every pixel is analysed, and the perfectly cut out final shot has full alpha transparency – no need for retouching or laborious postproduction work.

Working at such speed allows for in excess of one hundred images a day, more than twice the turnover of a traditional photographer. In an industry where time is most certainly money, the numbers speak for themselves. A company outsourcing around 1500 images a year can expect to pay in the region of £30 per shot, or a thrifty £2 per shot using in-house Styleshoots®.”

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Wallpaper* Magazine has also used StyleShoots for one of their articles recently, and quite creatively in fact. Their feature on Peter Crawley’s beautiful stitched boards of famous architecture around the world uses high-res shots of the artwork, all done using StyleShoots.