Best Practices in Fashion Retail. Final Article 3 of 3.

This is the 3rd article in a series of three:

  1. Challenges
  2. Opportunities
  3. Using new technology

Think Different, use Technology!

Successful fashion retailers are clearly looking for technology solutions to support the optimization of product assortments and to communicate them to the stores.

Many retailers implement the Mockshop and ShopShape solutions to streamline these processes. With the combination of these solutions, retailers can visually plan their range and make the communication interactive by integrating the shop floor in the process. Some tangible results are a 17% higher sales and a raise of conversion ratio up to 20% with less effort.

Virtual Centralized Planning Solution

The assortment can be planned and visually analyzed. Mockshop lets you visually build, analyse and merchandise your collection based upon the defined assortment and store clusters. The results are Visual ‘planograms’ that communicate your thinking to every store grade with zero margin for error.

Collaborative Shop Floor Management

ShopShape empowers your teams to communicate interactively.  Head office has a tool to send out clear messages and receive sharper signals from the shop floor.  Give clear, concise instructions and get clear feedback from each and every store. In this way  centralized planning becomes an interactive process that is based on real facts and figures.

Thanks for your interest in reading this article, more to follow!

Madeline Ana VidakComment