MockShop 4.8 delivers new features plus enhancements


What’s new

  • Planogram production is now fully automated
  • MockShop is now multilingual (i.e. switch from English to German in Storyboard)
  • Merchandise with 3D OBJ files next to JPG images
  • Use PDF and Adobe Illustrator files as option images
  • A lot more!

Special upgrade service

If you decide to update to 4.8 you can take advantage of our special one day on site upgrade service which includes training for up to 4 people at a special price. Book your Upgrade Service before the end of February 2015 to obtain this special rate.


Update / Install 4.8

Drop us a line at or call us at +31 23 551 8522 and benefit from Mockshop in your day to day job.


Thank you for being part of our ever-growing customer community!

Stephen WarrComment