Shoot professional images.

Get perfect images for visual merchandising and online.
Take photos easily and efficiently with one touch.
Integrates seamlessly into MockShop and ShopShape.



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Create ready to publish images quickly and efficiently


With StyleShoot’s suite of photo machines, create instant, perfect flat lay and mannequin product shots
with automatic background removal. 


StyleShoots Horizontal & Vertical


Transform the way you photograph products

Revolutionary technology exemplifies and utilizes photography for your eCommerce store.

  • Best-in-class photography that integrates easily with any existing infrastructure
  • All-in-one elegant design with embedded hardware and software
  • Uses Canon EOS 5D Mk III camera (included)
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  • Apple iPad with iOS StyleShoots app included
  • One touch and set presets to automatically push your shots to a post-production folder
  • Get ready-to-use photos in seconds
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    Background removal with Ease

  • Proprietary multi-shot background removal technology

  • Assesses over 40 million pixels to create a true alpha transparency mask

    Batch File Export

  • Automatically export images with an infinite amount of customisable presets

  • Toggle exports on and off on the fly to match your needs

    Maintenance Anytime, Anyplace

  • Your StyleShoots machine updates and receives new features and bug fixes via its internet connection

  • Our support team can remotely troubleshoot your system and have you back up and running in no time
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Take beautiful shots of your product


Style and compose the perfect product photo, create camera presets and use built-in overlays to keep shots aligned perfectly

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Images perfect for VM
and online shops

By removing the technical difficulties of studio photography, there is more time to focus on the importance of styling a good product shot.


  • Highly detailed product images

  • Export photos in many dimensions, file types and qualities

  • Ready to use in MockShop, ShopShape, lookbooks, catalogues, and more



StyleShoots Horizontal & Vertical

Create instant, perfect flat lay and mannequin product shots for eCommerce
with automatic background removal and extreme ease. 


Get a demonstration of the powerful capabilities of StyleShoots photo machines

Make your product photography faster, cheaper and more efficient.


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