MockShop gurus illustrate how complicated tasks can be pulled off quickly and orderly. Follow our new video series and master all MockShop's ins and outs.


Use the Filmroll as a checklist

Manage your articles efficiently using the Filmroll functionality of vrStore.

Make sure that all your articles have been merchandised and there are no leftovers.


View your
store's statistics

Have you ever wondered what are the stats behind your 3D Store? MockShop can do that too! Get informed on how many fixtures are on your back wall, categorize your articles by primary color or by retail value and more.

Improve your Storyboard's quality

Printing Storyboards can be a tedious task. In this video Marc explains how by following a few easy steps you can up the quality of your Storyboards and have them ready for print.

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Stay tuned as more tips will go live regularly. Themes will include:

  • Automating the process of catalogue creation
  • Setting fixed views in your 3D Store
  • Grouping articles using custom filters in vrRange

About  the host


Marc van Gaalen has been with Visual Retailing from the beginning as a project manager and senior consultant.

He is responsible for the implementation of the software globally. He has worked in the fashion and retail industry all of his working life and uses this wide knowledge to fulfill customer needs.

He has a background in fashion as well as IT and used to work for large Brands as Oilily, G-Star and O’Neill before he joined Visual Retailing.

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