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The French brand of home products and decoration, Alinéa, measures the value of a unified brand image and uses Visual Retailing technology to maintain consistency.

When you have 31 stores to govern, an appropriate brand image strategy is absolutely essential.

Your brand is not your product, your logo, your website, or your name – it’s so much more than that. It separates powerhouse and mediocre brands from each other.

And French retailer Alinéa is a powerhouse. So is the Visual Retailing technology which the company uses to help align its branding.

The integrated solution from Visual Retailing was chosen to help Alinéa enable their stores to implement the specific merchandising strategies.


"Visual Retailing’s technology lets us design and develop our merchandising strategy
in a specific, tangible way. In connection with our databases, the simplified and clarified approach
of the tool offer our stores a simple implementation and a structured application process".

Mélanie Pillaud, Merchandising & Commercial Identity Group Manager

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But branding doesn’t stop at product placement and visual planning. It also relies on customer needs and wants. This is where Visual Retailing plays an especially important role. 

The ability to visually analyse products – slow or fast moving – is what makes MockShop stand out above the congested retail tech crowd. This then allows you to act accordingly. 

Mélanie Pillaud further says, "Beyond a valuable and truly collaborative tool, we can address the different asperity points of our brand with Visual Retailing: the singularity of our concept with specific merchandising directives, the highlighting of our styles by favouring the product mix, and accessibility by visualising and analysing our implementations on a global way."

About Visual Retailing

Visual Retailing is a global provider of retail execution and compliance management solutions. We supply the most innovative range assortment, space planning solutions and interactive 3D retail experience to retailers and manufacturers.

Retail clients of Visual Retailing gain a strong strategic partner that understands the value-adding processes that are central to success; from collection planning to development to sales-promoting displays. The company also knows how to implement these on the basis of sound knowledge and state of the art technology.

Customers are well-known brands including Aigle, Kiabi, Adidas, Monoprix and Bouchara.

About Alinéa

Founded in 1989, Alinéa embarked on the adventure of decoration and furnishing. The company is inspired by and imagines decorative products with an exclusive design.

Enjoying €500m in annual revenue, Alinéa democratizes decor by offering a wide range of products (over 15,000) at an affordable price.


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