Comparing US and UK retail markets for 2018

2017 brought one of the most competitive retail environments to the UK than the country has seen in decades. With it, a growing preference for online and mobile shopping. In the US, a different period of transition is stirring.

But the two vastly different markets share more than a common language. Here are five retail expectations and forecasts for the coming year.

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Not A One-size-fits-all Solution: A Modern Approach To Store Clustering

When it comes to retailers with many - sometimes even hundreds or thousands - of brick and mortar stores, planning and merchandising them is not an easy undertaking. It requires a consistent, moving framework of collaboration between different roles and departments. Each of these departments have their own budgets, tools, workflow and performance indicators. Yet the end goal is all the same: to provide a constant flow of products to store, and sell as many of them as possible. So why can making this framework efficient prove to be so challenging? And how can it be improved? 

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How Retailers Can Increase Foot Traffic To Their Stores: By Adapting To The New Reality Of Retail

Foot traffic to brick and mortar stores is not what it used to be. We’ve known this for a while now. To address and reverse these unpleasant realities of retail, brands need to adapt to new ways to create more excitement and passion across different generations of their shoppers. They need to adapt their processes. They need to realign their thinking. They need to understand the purpose of the high street and shopping mall has changed, and the store isn’t there anymore to act solely as a touchpoint for consumers to purchase products. The store is now there to act as a multi-medial, engaging customer experience catered to each audience. This is the new reality in retail. 

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