Brax Heightens Visual Merchandising and Customer Experience With Visual Retailing

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German casual fashion brand Brax has initiated a rollout of Dutch retail technology company Visual Retailing’s MockShop software to empower their visual merchandising and heighten their in-store customer experience.

Designed to provide brands and retailers with the ability to visualise product ranges and create 3D mockups of their stores, MockShop will be used to by Brax to plan their latest product collections and send automated planograms to their stores and branded spaces.

By visualising their products in a 3D store environment, Brax's branded spaces and stores gain a clear and detailed overview of how their products should be merchandised - with the ability to test different configurations during the planning phase. By doing so, they can ensure their brand identity and customer experience is consistent across their whole physical retail presence.

These directives are able to be based on store cluster, ensuring their stores and branded spaces recieve the correct amount of inventory and range of products based on their fixture availability and size. By having only the relevant products and fixtures, in-store teams can merchandise them with more efficiency.

Brax also aimed to improve the way its planning department creates new product collections. MockShop allows Brax to view all their products within an interface based on product image data. They have the ability to test and plan product ranges and optimise their composition by analysing hundreds of criteria - such as price, product density, colour, sell-through.

Once these collections are created, stores and branded spaces can gain a 3D “visual reality check” of their products in a live store environment. From this, an automated planogram can be created for merchandising purposes - or a detailed product collection overview can be automatically produced for wholesale.

“As a technologically progressive company now armed with MockShop, Brax have opened up a completely new way to work with planning and merchandising their stores and branded spaces across Europe. They’ll have more time to focus on what makes their brand so loved.” said Tom van Soest, CEO at Visual Retailing.

“From a process and IT standpoint, implementing Visual Retaling’s tech will improve collaboration across all of our departments. Our important product data being visualised in one platform will make better teamwork a reality.” said Detlef Österreich, CIO at Brax.

“We’re thrilled to start using MockShop to help us improve the way we create our product collections and VM. These efficiencies will trickle down and result in a better customer experience across our whole physical retail landscape” added Marc Fuß, Visual Merchandising Manager at Brax.

About Brax

BRAX is a German casual fashion brand with over 1,100 employees and 1,800 stores and retail outlets worldwide. Together with their partners and customers, Brax aim for maximum performance and perfection being reflected in their products. To learn more, visit 

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