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Cisalfa Sport is using MockShop to identify space assigned to different departments and groups throughout their stores


About Cisalfa

With over 140 stores in Italy, Cisalfa Sport creates a unique experience in its stores, thanks to the design of an increasingly dynamic and engaging environment, offering an assortment of quality and professional service.

Thanks to the affiliation with Intersport, the largest sports network, the Cisalfa Sport Group has been able to build and consolidate partnerships with the most important brands in the sports and lifestyle sector.

The stores offer a wide selection of products: clothing, footwear and accessories for the main sports disciplines and citywear and sportswear collections for leisure time for the whole family. Cisalfasport.it is the online shop of reference in the world of sport. 

When and how were you introduced to MockShop?

We started using MockShop back in 2010 with the intention of developing visual set-ups for stores. After a period of absence, we realized they we were in need of a program that identifies the space assigned to all departments for each store or groups. Last year (2018) we started the engineering processes to see if MockShop would meet our needs, and it did. 


In which ways do you use MockShop?

We use MockShop monthly to draw the departments and fixtures of each store and group. With the giving database, we are able to see the

  • Profitability per square meter

  • Capacity for each department

  • Inventory and density of each fixture


“We have stores with different dimensions, different departments and divergent local situations. The results out of MockShop allow us to act faster and qualify for commercial options.”


What are your favorite features about MockShop?

The program fits the commands we need completely, while we don’t use 100% of what it has to offer. There is still a lot of possibility to explore it more. For example, we highly focus on the 3D visualization. 

However, we think that one of the strengths of MockShop is definitely its versatility. It’s one of the reasons why we pushed to use this program.

Why would you recommend MockShop to other retailers?

We would highly recommend it because of its adaptability and versatility. We use MockShop for different purposes than just visual, so every brand can adjust it to their own needs and strategic goals.


Do you need help with your store planning and fixture capacity?

MockShop is here to help you! Get in touch with us to learn more about the full range of features this retail software has to offer