Mr Merrick added: "Because DeFacto has a vast catalogue of ready to wear, Visual Retailing’s software is also being used by us to create visual reports of product range data, allowing us to simply and effectively perform visual assortment planning and receive up to date reports within seconds."


DeFacto - now powered by Mockshop

Through using Mockshop — one of Visual Retailing’s flagship products — DeFacto can visualize their entire product lines in an easily manageable perspective.

They can then create smart, interactive 3D renderings of their shop floors to ensure that the layout of their stores at cluster level is consistent and enhances DeFacto's already strong brand presence.  

From this, DeFacto can now shorten the time taken to create and send planograms and visual merchandising directives to their stores. This means that each of their stores again maintains a superb level of consistency and compliance is made much easier. 

Mockshop’s functionality also acts to improve the communication processes between DeFacto’s retail locations as each directive contains clear, visual merchandising guidelines that can easily be followed by store managers and merchandisers without confusion or extra time spent organising — leaving them more time to make their stores look and feel great. 

CEO of Visual Retailing, Tom Van Soest, had this to say: ‘The rapid scale of expansion of DeFacto’s business impresses us a lot. In just over 10 years, they have opened up over 350 stores!’

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"The chance to share decades of knowledge about retail, combined with the efficiency our software
brings, is a very exciting time for us as we look to help [DeFacto] grow even more.
We’re proud to help them realise their great ambitions."

- Tom Van Soest, CEO, Visual Retailing

Alongside DeFacto, leading retailers such as Marks and Spencer, Macy’s, Splash, Iconic, Meraas and hundreds of brands across the world — including adidas, S. Oliver & Tommy Hilfiger to name a few — are already using Visual Retailing’s software to speed up and maximize the efficiency of their retail workflow practices and improve the consistency of their visual merchandising efforts.