Bouchara House and Homeware to evolve its merchandising with Visual Retailing

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Eurodif and Bouchara join forces to become one and offer a unique offer in France: Home and Homewear. Bouchara becomes the first brand centered around the well-being at home and focused on the diversity of styles.

It is in this context that the French homeware chain’s merchandising service uses Visual Retailing technology to develop merchandising at the heart of its network of 80 stores and foster a new company culture.

Using MockShop, Bouchara can plan its stores in 3D to give an overview of the location of products before production. MockShop automatically creates comprehensive and easy-to-follow planograms to send to in-store teams. By transmitting planograms to stores, Bouchara’s visual merchandising can reach a higher level of compliance and remain more consistent with the current repositioning.

“Working with Visual Retailing software allows us to do a lot more in less time. We can now send visual directions to our stores much more easily and quickly than with our previous methods,” says Muriel Coutant, marketing director at Bouchara.

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“We are pleased to have chosen the best solution on the market to help us merchandise and increase our customer experience.”

Muriel Coutant, Marketing Director at Eurodif

“Eurodif and Bouchara are going through a really exciting time in their history. It’s a testament to the speed and versatility of our technology that so many homeware brands are beginning to use it to improve their store planning and merchandising,” says Tom van Soest, CEO of Visual Retailing.



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