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Our software delivers 6 key retail KPI benefits - click on each to learn more


Optimized assortment per store cluster


Productivity increase for Planning & Merchandising Teams


Reduced costs by replacing physical Mock-up stores


Improved product photography


Reduced In-store labour costs


More accurate in-store execution


Helping your role in retail

C-level & Management

  • Better sell through due to improved stock management, resulting in higher net revenue and margins
  • Reduced logistics cost(s) due to less overstock returns to warehouse
  • Avoid financial overspend due to ability to test the space for precise fixture and branding requirements

Marketing & Planning

  • Create a consistent brand identity across multiple stores on a regional and global basis
  • Reduction in PoS wastage due to accurate planning and testing of concepts prior to investment
  • Improve cross functional team collaboration for buying, merchandising, marketing and store operations

Retail operations & VM

  • Precise retail execution through the creation of accurate planograms and fixture guidelines
  • Ability to test designs and collections in a retail environment at the buying stage
  • Greater productivity during new store openings, with less man hours and overtime required

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1. Optimised assortment per store cluster

Custom visual analysis makes data more manageable

  • Display your product range as you want - a visual output helps you spot gaps instantly
  • Make sure products match defined colour cards and concepts from the early planning stage to development of the product range 
  • Define merchandise categories within a store cluster to provide optimal capacities, product quantities and merchandise flow
  • Improve your assortment creation and visually analyse the collection-setup per cluster. 
  • Create mock-ups of store clusters including Merchandise before the “buy”.


On average, sample and buying costs went down with 5% by improving space utilization when leveraging space planning and statistical information capabilities


2. Productivity increase for Planning & Merchandising Teams

Achieve complete control over your branded customer experience

  • Improve cross functional team collaboration for design, planning, buying, merchandising, marketing and store operations by using one centralised platform.                                                                             
  • Create as many automated planograms/guidelines as you want, for stores of any space grade and in any location
  • MockShop makes guidelines extremely user friendly at store cluster level - making it easier to communicate for compliance feedback on a weekly basis

Productivity went up with 35% on average due to a better process integration at our benchmark customers, which led to a average of 14% decrease in "time-to-market".

At one of our customers, an American retailer, productivity went up from 60 planogram guidelines per month to 350 automated planograms with the same labour. 



3. Reduced costs by replacing physical Mock-up stores

Save time and money by creating digital mock-ups of your stores

  • Make physical mock-up stores a thing of the past - using MockShop takes no physical labour and no materials
  • Dynamically fill your mock-up stores with your product range by simply dragging and dropping products into a 3D environment - all in real time
  • Create as many mock-shops as you like, with no limitations in size, fixtures, merchandise or POS material

These costs are reduced with 40% on average.

The same American retailer saved in excess of US $2 million per annum, by planning the stores in a virtual way in the Mockshop application and sending out guidelines digitally instead of printing and physically shipping them to the stores.


4. Improved product photography

Capture images of your products faster than ever before - with the help of StyleShoots

  • With StyleShoots Horizontal all the technical complexity of photography is removed and a professional quality image can be uploaded in a matter of seconds
  • These images can  be used in MockShop, ShopShape, lookbooks, catalogues, your digital asset management systems and e-commerce sites

With StyleShoots, productivity of an in-house product photo capturing process is increased on average by 250%.  

When looking at one of our customer’s processes, the same products are captured for at least 5 different departments automatically.


5. Reduced In-store labour costs

Make compliance feedback simpler and more efficient for all your stores

  • Using ShopShape get compliance feedback to and from all relevant stores around the world
  • Up to the minute information and views help you build a better brand and strategically support sales
  • Follow merchandising directives directly from the ShopShape app with clear visual support and guidelines
  • Have a centralised data point for your store compliance, making it easier to ensure your stores follow guidelines
  • Use the inbuilt ShopShape messaging app to give store owners the ability to highlight problems instantly and respond in real time
  • Spend less time dealing with compliance and more time on visual merchandising to deliver a better customer experience more cheaply


Labour cost reduction by %

One of our ShopShape customers, a German fast fashion retailer, experienced a greater than 40% reduction in labour costs to set the floors. In-store labour costs are reduced with 20% on average. 


6. More accurate in-store execution

Test and iterate your designs and collections in a virtual environment before execution

  • Use MockShop to test designs and collections at the buying stage. Visualise your planning in 3D and avoid over- and under-stocking                                                                                                                       
  • By creating visual merchandising concepts at an earlier stage in the retail process, a better balanced collection can be delivered to store level
  • Improve customer experience by having a more well-designed collection that leverages trends before competitors
  • Iterating designs and collections at virtual level allows for improved stock management and planning
  • More accurate in-store execution leads to a better customer experience, leading to better "sell through" and less markdowns
  • Increase average ticket value through better presentation of collections

Average % sales increase within 12 months after implementation.

At one of our UK based customers, revenue increased by  6% one year after implementation/Go-Live


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