Technology provides a new competitive
advantage for retailers

By utilizing modern tech, Kiabi, the French leader of fashion at low prices, transforms
shopping into a comprehensive, enjoyable experience.

Fashion Visual Merchandising planning software

With the advances in technology, many retailers are fundamentally shifting their view of this applied science as a way to gain market share, interact with customers, and enhance their services. 

Kiabi understands that now is the time to be competitive, and the company is using Visual Retailing to do just that. 

Prior to using the visual merchandising software, Kiabi employees used manual tools not suitable for the production of merchandising materials. This is one of the main reasons the company’s merchandising department now uses MockShop, part of the Visual Retailing software suite. 

With its experienced consultants and rich functionalities, the integrated solution from Visual Retailing was selected to help the French clothing retailer with their in-store retail planning processes. 

"Along with being the most successful tool on the market, MockShop highlights the know-how of our teams," says Samuel Pihen, Marketing Offer Manager at Kiabi.

Fashion Visual Merchandising

"Along with being the most successful tool on the market,
MockShop highlights the know-how of our teams,"

Samuel Pihen, Marketing Offer Manager at Kiabi

By using MockShop, Kiabi can build a more profitable and competitive market position across its 449 – and growing – sales outlets worldwide. The software also allows this booming retailer more time to spend on its core business. 

“By saving time on merchandising, we will be able to offer our customers a more complete and detailed experience that meets the requirements of the trade, with increased responsiveness,” adds Pihen.

Kiabi’s use of technology reflects both the evolution of retail tech as well as a vision for the company’s future. By using MockShop by Visual Retailing, the brand maintains a successful and consistent image, streamlining their visual merchandising efforts.


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