New Customer Driven Enhancements With MockShop 4.9

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We're happy to announce the next 4.9 update to MockShop is here. We listened to customer feedback and have implemented tonnes of new feature enhancements to improve the way you digitally plan your stores and product collections.

In total there are over 100 changes and enhancements to the latest version of MockShop. Here's a rundown of the more exciting features we've implemented this time around: 

What's new in MockShop 4.90

Fully Customisable Statistics View
Customise your product data view more freely than ever. You can now select which fields to display in that vrStatistics module along with new elements such as Target Stock Data

Drag-and-drop Fixture Hanglines
Save time merchandising your 3D stores with your products. You can now easily drag and drop your garments along the hangline of a fixture and the quantities are automatically reflected on screen.

Product Stacking
Create even better 3D mockups of your stores. From hardware to garments, any of your products can now be stacked on top of each other allowing for almost unlimited ways of merchandising your store.

Barcoded Planograms
Help your store teams execute VM guidelines with more speed and accuracy. Your planograms now contain barcodes with all the correct product data linked. 

Cluster-based Inventory Management
Ensure you're sending the right amounts of products to the right sized stores. Now you can link your product data and group your stores based on linear square metres of available fixture space. 

Improved Product Analysis
You can now visually sort your products with more precision. Add a third drilldown filter in your range analysis to gain more insight into your product collections at a glance. 

Improved Image Editing
Cut your images out faster and easier. Improved editing functionality when it comes to trimming the outlines with a number of quality of life enhancements. 

Heatmap Analysis
Highlight your in-store product data with revolutionary heat mapping tools. With MockShop's new heatmap functionality, you can simply select which data to overlay onto your 3D store and gain better insights. 


How to enhance your store performance with heatmaps
Get empowered with better data about your stores at a glance. Learn how using heatmaps can dramatically improve your retail performance.

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