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Visual Retailing’s solutions help Preca Brummel Italy to streamline retail process

Visual Retailing, provider of Visual Merchandising and retail execution solutions, announced today that its solutions have been fully implemented at Preca Brummel, a leading Italy-based fashion brand. The company is now using Visual Retailing’s MockShop, Sampleroom and StyleShoots solutions to streamline the communication of merchandising instructions to the 310 owned mono-brand stores and 1.500 multi-brand outlets.

Preca-Brummel, a well know fashion retailer for children wear, has a clear idea about the optimal retail process. The company was looking for an easy-to-use yet powerful solution that would centralize its retail store planning and optimize its merchandising. Preca-Brummel created a team of experts headed by Michele Prevosti (Innovation Manager), who was doing the selection process

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“After working with the Visual Retailing solutions for a few seasons we are really happy with the goals we have achieved so far”, adds Preca Brummel’s Michele Prevosti. “We are able to streamline the entire process. Our Visual Merchandising teams are now in the position to plan stores visually for each Store Chain”. They simulate store merchandising in a very early stage in order to make the right buying decisions and to communicate visual merchandising guidelines clearly to the stores.

Preca Brummel also achieved remarkable results with StyleShoots. This complete system for great in-house product photography, with zero manual processing, brought massive time as well as costs savings in the area of product photography. “We are now able to shoot 100% completely processes product photos, with costs savings up to 80% compared with our traditional product photo shooting process.

About Preca Brummel

Preca Brummel was born in 1951 from the initiative of Giovanni Prevosti. Since then, much has been made, but the company still maintains a strong family imprint, so that the family Prevosti, came now to the third gene-ration, still leads the group firmly: this parental unit is a key feature to explain the success of Preca Brummel, originally founded as a small textile factory and transformed over the years into the Italian leader of children's wear, thanks to important brands, such as Brums, Bimbus and Mek. The work of Preca Brummel stands out for some simple but essential values, experience, reliability, product quality, Italian style and innovation. Precca Brummel now produces 8 million garments per year, with are distributed to the market through its 310+ mono-brand stores and 1.500+ multi-brand outlets.

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