Renuar Initiates Retail Tech Partnership with Visual Retailing at EuroShop 2017

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The leading fashion retailer in Israel announces a series of technology workshops with Visual Retailing

Israeli fashion retailer Renuar announces it has agreed to take part in a series of collaborative retail technology workshops with Dutch retail technology company Visual Retailing. The workshops will focus on improving the way Renuar's products and stores are planned as well as identifying how the retailer can improve compliance across their brick and mortar locations. The announcement was made at EuroShop 2017, the world's number one retail fair.

The planned workshops are designed to identify areas of improvement in Renuar's current retail processes and how they can be improved by using Visual Retailing's technology. During the workshops, Visual Retailing will offer guidance on how Renuar can improve the way they plan their product collections and stores using 3D visualisation. 

"Seeing Visual Retailing's technology in action at EuroShop opened up a lot of possibilities we hadn't considered before in our whole retail planning processes" said Serge Derhy, CEO at Renuar.  

"We're excited to begin these workshops so we can both improve each other's understanding of the current challenges the physical retail landscape is facing - and how to overcome them using technology" added Derhy. 

About Renuar

Renuar Group is a leading fashion retailer in Israel, founded in 1993 by Eli Berkovic and Yossi Brosh. In 1994 they were joined by Serge Derhy, who also currently serves as CEO of the group.

Renuar Group is a leading fashion retailer currently operating the brand's fashion chains Renuar and Twentyfourseven, deployed across Israel's premium shopping locations.

About Visual Retailing

Visual Retailing was founded in 2004 to help retailers optimize their retail planning & VM processes. Our team members come from every aspect of the retail industry.

We are former product developers, buyers, visual merchandisers and salesmen with experience from the field and close ties to the industry.

We're not programmers with a flair for retail. We're industry insiders who speak your language.

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