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Leading fashion brand harmonises merchandising across channels

s.Oliver has recently adopted a corporate strategy centred on rationalising its vertical business processes and unifying its visual merchandising across all its surfaces. These include a mix of own-brand stores, partner shops, corners, sales areas in department stores, as well as an online shop. The company implemented Visual Retailing’s MockShop solution and has since been able to harmonise the layout and branding of its collections at the point of sale. In addition, the company has integrated MockShop with its corporate ERP system to support faster communications and processes between headquarters and the shop floor in the future


In the second phase of the project, which began in summer 2012, s.Oliver is streamlining its photography process using StyleShoots. This will enable the fashion and lifestyle firm to take photos of its products just once, then use them to style and portray the clothes and accessories in a unified way. StyleShoots is a complete hardware and software solution to “shoot, shape and show” products in a variety of output formats. Users do not need to be photography specialists to produce stylish and appealing images and publish them wherever they are needed. Output from StyleShoots is fully compatible with MockShop.


“The MockShop and StyleShoots solutions are easy to use and help us to make significant time and cost savings in our visual merchandising and photography processes.”, he continues.

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About s.Oliver

s.Oliver was founded by company owner Bernd Freier in 1969, and is one of Europe's biggest fashion and lifestyle companies with an international workforce of 5500 people. s.Oliver now makes "real fashion for real people". s.Oliver is fashion for everyone and every day in every situation.

s.Oliver stands for:

  • sincerity and authenticity,
  • genuine products at fair prices,
  • an excellent quality and
  • tradition

s.Oliver means 7.157 employees full of passion, commitment and team spirit. Their biggest wish is to make their customers look good. s.Oliver products can be found in over 30 countries all over the world. The s.Oliver Group currently has 378 of its own stores and 351 stores with partners, and is represented in 3.047 shops and 2.550 sales areas.

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