Scheybeeck Investments Takes stake in Visual Retailing

From left to right: Tom van Soest, Peter Roosjen, Jody Kunst, Paul Nielen, Dick Burger, Chris Schaefer and Maurits Teunissen.

From left to right: Tom van Soest, Peter Roosjen, Jody Kunst, Paul Nielen, Dick Burger, Chris Schaefer and Maurits Teunissen.


HAARLEM, 28th September 2015 – Scheybeeck Investments have taken a stake in Visual Retailing Holding which comprises of Visual Retailing and StyleShoots. With substantial means and expertise, Scheybeeck Investments wants to enable the Visual Retailing management to develop from it’s current autonomous position to become internationally strong in existing and new markets.

Visual Retail Holding was established in 2004 by Maurits Teunissen and comprises of Visual Retailing and StyleShoots. In recent years the business has enjoyed significant growth due to the development of unique software solutions (Mockshop and Shopshape) for the international fashion industry. Visual Retailing software solutions enable fashion businesses to optimise complex business processes such as collection building, retail planning and visual merchandising. Floorplans are created with the help of real-life 3D reproductions so that retailers can efficiently and swiftly develop and produce merchandise. The StyleShoots product photo machines contribute to fast and efficient photography of all of a fashion label's products. The type of efficiency is of such magnitude as to allow products to be speedily and successfully introduced worldwide, offline and online. An absolute necessity in a market wherein the Product Life Cycle is extremely short.

Maurits Teunissen (CEO), Chris Schaefer (CFO) and Tom van Soest (Commercial Director) of Visual Retailing are extremely pleased with Scheybeeck's participation. Maurits Teunissen: "Scheybeeck is a solid shareholder with a long term vision that fits like a custom-made suit with our enterprise. They are giving us the opportunity to build upon the foundations that we have already created in recent years whilst retaining our own identity and independence. We perceive Scheybeeck as a closely involved partner that thinks alongside us regarding the wide scope of possibilities in the market. With this participation we can substantiate our international growth strategy and approach new markets."

Paul Nielen, director of Scheybeek Investments: "Visual Retailing is an innovative enterprise with an extremely capable management team that plays along perfectly with the fast -paced, changing needs within the fashion industry. We are impressed with the client portfolio of large international fashion labels." Paul Nielen elaborates: "The management is very enterprising and has a clear long term vision. We will fully support their ambitions regarding growth in the world market and have faith that they will realise these ambitions."

About Visual Retailing Holding

Visual Retail Holding is the parent company of Visual Retailing and StyleShoots. Visual Retailing develops and distributes software technology for fashion labels and retailers. The software modules Mockshop and Shopshape visualise and simplify complex business processes such as merchandise planning and shop floor division. Mockshop and Shopshape clients can swiftly and efficiently keep on top of constantly changing market circumstances and visibly improve shop floor conversions. Visual Retailing is installed with clients worldwide including Marks & Spencer, Tommy Hilfiger, Kaufhof, Macy's, Adidas and many others.

StyleShoots develops and distributes 'state of the art' photo machines for fashion companies. With StyleShoots equipment clients are able to create within 60 seconds a 'web-ready' photo without involving an expensive photographer. While the creation and re-creation of a traditional product photo can often take an hour, StyleShoots does it in 1 minute. The time and cost saved by this are tremendous. StyleShoots equipment is in use by clients across the globe such as Zalando, Forever 21, Marks & Spencer, Garcia Jeans, etc.

About Scheybeeck Investments

Scheybeek Investments is an independent investment company that takes part in enterprises with a strong market position or potential for this. The focus is directed upon the market for service, maintenance and service industries. Companies in which Scheybeek participates are BUKO Huisvesting, BUKO Infrasupport, BUKO Transport, BUKO Bouw & Winkels, ECO Toilet, Flash Services, Boon Transport, IJmond Transport Groep, Medizon, RECO, Consolid and Etro Vastgoedzorg.