The importance of planning visualisation - see our upcoming keynote at TXT's Thinking Retail Forum


On 29 September 2016, at the TXT Retail Thinking Retail Forum, Düsseldorf, Germany, Visual Retailing partner and retail expert Maurits Teunissen will be delivering a talk on The Importance of Planning Visualisation. 

As retailers increasingly look to shift away from outdated processes and tools, incorporating technology that adds an extra dimension of assistance is crucial. In this keynote, Maurits Teunissen - discusses the importance of retail planning visualisation and how it can tackle a wide range of obstacles retailers commonly face. 


About the event

The half-day Thinking Retail Forum will look at modern planning practices that are delivering better value. The top 5 planning practices with low value - costing time and sacrificing sales, margins, and customers - will be reviewed. The day’s sessions will look important practices including:

  • The Right Organizational Structure
  • Milestone Based Merchandising Management 
  • The Right Amount of Store Planning
  • Who “owns” inventory?
  • Is Unifying Business Process worth the effort?

About the speaker

Maurits Teunissen is a partner of Visual Retailing BV, which he also co-founded in 2004. He regularly tours and holds meetings with members of the fashion & retail business at events across the world, delivering talks and seminars that are aimed at getting retail to think outside of the box

A serial entrepreneur delivering software and services to the fashion industry for over 20 years, Maurits was Managing Director at RunTime (now Infor) prior to founding photo technology company StyleShoots. In the 1980's, Maurits worked at Apple Inc.