Visual Retailing to Present New ShopShape and MockShop Features at EuroShop 2017

Rendering preview of Visual Retailing's EuroShop 2017 booth

Rendering preview of Visual Retailing's EuroShop 2017 booth

New store questionnaires for faster, easier compliance and the most advanced retail planning technology ever is coming to the world's #1 retail fair. Hall 11, stand F59.


MockShop: See the most advanced retail planning and VM technology


3D mockup stores. Visual product range analysis. Visual merchandising guideline and planogram creation. All in one feature-rich, customisable software suite to help you save time and drive sales.

At EuroShop 2017, we're presenting the latest version of MockShop: 4.90. In total, there are over 100 new additions to our powerful suite of retail planning technology that we'll be demonstrating on our booth. Scroll to the bottom to book a personal appointment with one of our team at the show. 


MockShop at a glance

  • Visualise your product range
    With MockShop all of your product data is highly visual, making it easier to plan, manage and execute better collections for your store. Slice and dice your range based on any criteria: price, size, brand, sell-through and have it laid out beautifully.
  • Mock your stores up in 3D
    Create interactive 3D stores simply by dragging and dropping fixtures and products in MockShop's powerful virtual environment. MockShop is constantly calculating in the background to give you the product data you need at a glance.
  • Send better visual merchandising guidelines
    After you've created a 3D store mockup and planogram, export merchandising directives that are more relevant to your stores based on the clusters that you define. With MockShop Your merchandising guidelines are easier and faster to execute. 

The latest MockShop features

  • Fully Customisable Statistics View
    Customise the way you view your product data more freely than ever. You can now select which fields to display in the vrStatistics module along with new elements such as Target Stock Data.
  • Cluster-based Inventory Management
    Ensure you're sending the right amounts of products to the right sized stores. Now you can link your product data and group your stores based on linear square metres of available fixture space. 
  • Heatmap Analysis
    Highlight your in-store product data with revolutionary heat mapping tools. With MockShop's new heatmap functionality, you can simply select which data to overlay onto your 3D store and gain better insights. 

ShopShape: Make your store compliance smoother, faster, and easier


Data from all your stores in one dashboard. Deliver clear visual merchandising guidelines and compliance questionnaires from head office to field teams. All in one cloud-based application to help you save time and improve your retail compliance and execution.

At EuroShop 2017 we will be showing off the latest addition to ShopShape: store questionnaires. Designed to make it easier for retailers to keep track of their store compliance, you can now send questionnaires directly to your in-store teams and get instant feedback - with all your data neatly organised at head office.

To see the new tech in action at our booth, just fill in the form below to get a completely personal demonstration. 


Compliance questionnaires include questions such as: 

  • 'Are all mannequins oriented properly in key lines of sight?' 
  • 'Are all store light fixtures working?' '
  • Are gondolas and end tables free from dust?'
  • 'Are there any wires on the floor?'

Examples of important topics to consider

  • Health and safety issues 
  • Loss prevention
  • Branding and marketing 
  • Visual merchandising 

How can the new ShopShape questionnaire functionality improve your compliance?

By sending simple and effective questionnaires to your store teams with instant visual feedback and communication, your stores can effectively audit themselves - saving you time and worry about how your stores are merchandised (or if there are any broken fixtures). Better yet, keeping all this data in one place helps keep you on top of every store that is performing - and see those that need a little extra care.

ShopShape's new functionality is all about delivering these auditing questionnaires to stores with speed and ease - making your compliance efforts a breeze.


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The coming EuroShop edition will be one of the most exciting ever. Because the No.1 among the retail trade fairs has evolved still further. And changed its profile – as of now, the fair covers 7 different dimensions. It is not only reinventing itself but charting out new courses for the future.