ShopShape: the universal weapon against all visual merchandising in-store communication problems. Did you find yourself in our survey? We used the results to create products that will enhance your retail processes!


Are you facing one or more of these problems?

  • The communication with your shop floor personnel is most of the time one-way?
  • You are annoyed by all the paperwork and organisational chaos you have to face every day?
  • High shipping and printing costs are part of your daily expenses?
  • You are not satisfied with the compliance of your stores or even worse, you don’t even check it regularly?
  • Your regional managers are overloaded with work and due to insufficient time they can just make spot test?

The Solution

ShopShape will provide you with the latest in-store communication technology. ShopShape offers web and mobile applications which streamline visual merchandising guidelines and give real-time information from the HQ to the stores and the other way around. Using handheld devices allows you to be totally flexible and communicate in a new way. Up to the minute information and views help you building a better brand and strategically support sales.


See it in action:


Side by side with your colleagues

The new ShopShape™ application lets you know what’s happening on any of your sales floors with up-to-the-minute updates. Track compliance, campaigns and instructions from wherever you are. Give immediate feedback and rate the store’s performance. Pass your staff clear instructions and visual guidelines. The aplication makes it easy for staff to interact about store planogram and upload photos. With ShopShape, HQ now has a tool to send out clear messages and receive sharper signals from staff. Everybody receives the information he needs; sensitive data is protected and accessible only to the right users.


Do I have to be a geek to use it? Not at all!

With a highly intuitive interface, we’ve made ShopShape very easy to use. Create and replicate guidelines with drag & drop. Get everyone on board and standardise looks and practices simply by comparing stores clearly and objectively. Not just that it is very easy to use, it also helps you to get rid of paper waste and multiple printings. Think sustainable and start follow the green revolution.

(By the way, it also saves a lot of money!)


Be the source of creativity!

Create and share your vision for how stores should look like. Enable inspirational instructions based on any image material. Make instructions that can be read and understood by your entire staff. Manage progressively. Seek not just to inform, but also to inspire. Enable best practice sharing. Share great stories and images uploaded from leading stores. Compare stores clearly and objectively.


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