The end of traditional Retail as we know it?


We at iShopShape don’t think so. Having said that, we realize that the world around us is changing at maximum speed. Some 30 years ago traditional retail was vital in its fulfilment role. It was just absolutely necessary to visit the store if you were in need for products like clothing, food, furniture and many more.

It is no secret that e-com is taking over that particular role at maximum speed. With online growth figures that are mind bugling, traditional retail is suffering and looking for new ways to grow. Research has shown that if traditional retailers are adapting the new reality quick they will increase their chances and even return to growth mode.


 The one million dollar question remains:

How to convert to the new reality in retail?


We at iShopShape are convinced that adapting new technology speeds up this process and ensures retailers to quickly make an essential turn around.

One of our respected customers is the global leading sportswear company called adidas. Through making efficient use of retail optimisation software “Mockshop” combined with store compliance technology which features the latest in mobile technology “ShopShape”, conversion ratio’s increased again.


We gladly invite you to discover your “holy grail” at iShopShape.