LC Waikiki streamlines VM processes using Mockshop

Polytropon, the official Mockshop Visual Merchandising software partner for Turkey, announces the kickoff of the implementation of Mockshop at LC Waikiki for their visual and 3D store planning.

With Mockshop, LC Waikiki expects to create and plan the ideal shop floor in 3D without the need of physical products. Mockshop will enable LC Waikiki to update and communicate merchandising instructions efficiently and effectively.


“Visual Retailing is proud that LC Waikiki, the leader in Turkish retail, selected our solutions to achieve greater alignment between the headquarter retail teams and the stores”

says Tom van Soest, Director of Visual Retailing.

We are convinced that our solutions will support LC Waikiki in their retail expansion plans”, he continues.


About LC Waikiki

With approximately 400 stores, LC Waikiki is the leader in retail fashion in Turkey as it caters to fashion/clothing needs of millions of people from all walks of life. It has a strong international presence with 83 stores in more than 20 countries and it plans to increase their stores abroad to 140 by the end of the year. LC Waikiki aims to be one of the top three most successful clothing retailers in Europe by 2023.

About Polytropon

Polytropon is a software development company that specializes in streamlining design, production, workflow, and communications, via a range of software and services. Polytropon focuses on the effective implementation of software solutions to help clients to create, access, and evaluate important ideas and information in order to maximize company-wide communication, innovation, and inspiration through all phases of the product cycle.