How to Remodel a Store to Boost Sales


Why should you even be thinking about remodeling your store? With the best practices you are able to answer to psychological needs of your customers and increase your sales by providing comfortable customer experiences in brick and mortar.

Your store should tell a story and use all elements within the physical space to influence shopping behavior.

 From selecting the right floor plan, rebuilding displays, focusing on senses and improving your Visual Merchandising – the following infographic will showcase you the most important things to know when remodeling your stores. Did you know that shoppers evaluate your store's value in the first 5 to 15 feet? You better learn how to use that to your own advantage.

Below you can find tips and tricks to build a profitable remodel in a visual infographic.

This infographic was provided to us by Big Rentz.


Did you know that remodeling and planning your store can easily happen on a digital level with our retail technology MockShop? Visualize your store in a 3D store environment to strategically plan your processes. Get in touch with us to learn more!

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