Miniconf uses iShopShape for VM and e-Commerce

Italy based Miniconf is the leading company in children’s wear through its brands Sarabanda, Dodipetto and iDO. By carefully listening to their customers and the use of advanced technologies both in the multi-channel distribution and in logistics, Miniconf established its position within the young fashion market.

In the year 2012 Miniconf decided to streamline both its e-commerce and retail market channels.  To achieve these goals, its management team started a thorough vendor selection process. After research of the fashion technology market, Miniconf decided to cooperate with iShopShape and to implement its innovative technology.

The decision was made to implement both StyleShoots (the ultimate photostudio solution) as well as Mockshop (retail planning and Visual Merchandising solution).

First step was to implement StyleShoots to speed up the photo capturing process of products. StyleShoots was installed and after a few days, captured images were already online.

Immediately after this, Miniconf started the implementation of Mockshop to streamline the entire process of Visual Merchandising, eliminating all the manual steps that make the process difficult, expensive and sometimes ineffective.

For the two key players within the Miniconf Retail Management, Guillaume Lemaire and Andrea Vannini; the main objective of this project was to have full control of all visual operations without being at the mercy of the unexpected. Next to that the goal was to have easy access to all the information necessary to quickly take difficult and strategic decisions. We are proud to mention that both of the objectives are achieved in a very short period.

Madeline Ana VidakComment