Marks & Spencer photographs with StyleShoots

Being one of the world’s most well known brands, Marks & Spencer is an undeniable force online and retail, in areas ranging from fashion to food.

With thousands of new products coming out every year, photographing all of them quickly becomes a time consuming and costly affair.

Marks & Spencer invested in their first StyleShoots photo studio in 2012, and have already seen the results: More photos for the same budget, up to 4x the shots per day, and less people needed in the process.

Stylists can now focus on what they are best at, and leave all image processing up to StyleShoots. The Auto Alpha algorithm cuts away the background instantly, giving the layout artists total freedom to create collages and add custom backgrounds with no extra effort.


“We’re able to produce more photography for the same budget, achieving about four times more shots per day, so we’re happy!”

Jane Hayman, Head of Marketing, Design & Production


If you happen to be in London for the Olympics and want to see why Marks & Spencer are so excited, drop by our showroom in the Business Design Centre for a demo.

Enjoy the summer games,

See you soon!