Conbipel and iShopShape: a successful story

With 150 stores spread all over Italy, Conbipel is a well know retail chain. Conbipel is offering apparel collections in a complete and modern way, which fulfills the desire and needs of modern consumers. Before the implementation of the iShopshape solutions, the Visual Merchandising team of Conbipel were creating VM Instructions by using several traditional tools like a real Mockshop store, Photoshop, Power point and Excel. Conbipel’s major challenge was to get precise instructions to the stores in time, as product information was very fragmented.

“The team also experienced that the solution was bringing a lot of transparency and efficiency.”

  Says Aldo De Grandis, Retail Operation Director of Conbipel.

“At the beginning of the project we had a quite difficult time especially gathering consistent data and to get the team used to the change of processes. After a  process analysis together with the consultancy firm Accenture, the difficulties  were clarified and solved. During these optimization activities, we clearly realized that Mockshop was a great tool in helping the further streamlining of our retail processes. The team also experienced that the solution was bringing a lot of transparency and efficiency.”

Says Aldo De Grandis, Retail Operation Director of Conbipel.


In fact Conbipel now prepares simulations 6 months in advance, before samples arrive, by using sketches and drawings. Actual photos of products, taken by Styleshoots from iShopShape, automatically replace the drawings, as soon as they are available. The advance is that the system automatically updates all documents before they are send to the stores.

Conbipel selected iShopShape based upon their technology and the Fashion retail industry knowledge of the iShopShape team!

The iShopShape solutions cover the entire Visual Merchandising process, from visual range planning, product image acquisition, to planogram production.

Combipel is now looking into the next steps together with iShopShape, also considering the possibility to implement ShopShape. This tool will enable Conbipel Headquarters to monitor the execution of their retail strategy and to measure the store compliance, throughout our complete chain of stores. This will surely bring Combipel to a real end to end retail strategy, from planning to retail execution.

iShopShape is really proud to help Conbipel streamline its store processes. Looking forward to the future developments as a result of that.

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Madeline Ana VidakComment