How Fashion retailers can seduce their shoppers to buy. Article 2 of 2.


The previous article was about our experiences at many project meetings with our clients, describing the challenge of putting key focus on the shop floor. In this article we will talk about the opportunities to increase the shopping experience of your customers and increase conversion rates.


In every challenge there is an opportunity for change.

Ever wondered why companies like Zara, John Lewis, adidas and Macy’s are still going strong, not only in their online business but in traditional retail as well?

These companies manage to focus on the latest trends in fashion and on top of that they are creating a fantastic shopping experience. All of this is the result of excellent combination of design, retail and visual merchandising processes together with technology.


Let’s take a look at Macy’s for example:

Macy’s created a complete new shopping experience within its stores, by introducing the interactive “Magic” mirror. This mirror is a virtual dressing room allowing shoppers to try out clothes without stepping a foot in the dressing room. Take a look at abc’s news video.


This illustrates that combining new technology with great visual merchandising is resulting in sustainable success; Rise of the average ticket value and eventually higher sales.


Marks & Spencer is another example:

Marks & Spencer has opened a compact store in the Netherlands, which puts a digital experience at the heart of the shop floor. They have introduced “E-boutique” – a suite of screens that allows shoppers to put clothes on a virtual rail and then see them worn by models.


This shows a clear strategy, which combines clicks and bricks and will be the way forward for modern retailers. Make sure that your online product information and promotions are in line with your in-store shopping experience and you will be amazed of the results.

Shopping is escapism. It’s the great deflector of problems and everybody needs an escape once in a while.


Get inspired and don’t forget it’s all about seducing your shopper!


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