The Emirates hold the future of retailing


Do buy! The play on words is not unreasonable – Dubai belongs to the fastest growing retail markets in the world and becomes more and more attractive to global brands. The immeasurable wealth what it is known for makes this area so special for upcoming retailers.

We are proud to announce that our new customer DutchKid FZCO, based in Dubai starts using Mockshop to support the store expansion and visual merchandising. DutchKid represents baby-related products as distributor for the Middle Eastern and focuses on expanding throughout the region.

There are various reasons for “Going East” :

  • the increase of the population
  • the rising consumer confidence
  • the development towards tourism hub and last but not least
  • the large buying power.

Companies, attracted by the uniqueness of this area, should be aware of the retail purchasing behaviour of the regional customer. Customers living in the Emirates have high demands in advice and services; they expect the latest technologies and outstanding presentations of products.

The immense luxury leads to real purchase intentions, as for instance price comparison is not really part of the local shopping experience. Shopping happens mainly in vast malls; in these consumer temples where customers go beyond simple purchasing, social experiences are created through the integration of hotspots such as cinemas, theatres, restaurants or even skiing halls. The opening of cutting-edge flagship stores in these malls should be focused by all retailers which intent to expand in this attractive region. The appreciation of European top brands and quality offers great opportunities for companies.


For meeting these state-of-the-art demands, we are convinced you need to implement the best systems to always attract the customer’s attention. Focusing on the improvement of visual merchandising processes will help you to satisfy the customer!


Are you interested in using the latest technologies for enhancing your visual merchandising and retail execution?


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