The new retail world “Clicks and Bricks"


Virtual mirrors, touchscreens, automated cashpoints?

It was not all that long ago that these features have been seen as something impossible and intangible for having it in our real lives. But in 2013 everything is possible! Retailers have started to implement a variety of new cutting-edge inventions. Special attention-grabbing shop windows or QR-code shopping are just two examples of new innovative initiatives.

Once the customer is in-store, attracted by impressive outside-designs, brands need to engage them inside. Free Wi-Fi or charging-lounges (e.g. Debenhams) could be possibilities to face the customer’s latest “be always available” requirements. Other consumers could be convinced with state-of-the-art innovations such as the integration of videos or other technical features, as seen in Burberry’s flagshipstore in London’s Regent Street (“runway made to order”).


But let’s start small – the integration of smartphones and tablets in the brick and mortar world is a hot topic to allow an easy and seamless shopping experience. Burberry for example uses iPads for creating customized trenchcoats in-store. You can also see more and more shops using iPads instead of traditional POS-systems. Customers using a smartphone are able to pull out the data they want of the bottomless pool of product information. All these functions will strengthen the customer’s loyalty who will thank retailers with likes and shares on social networks or through good recommendations directly after the purchase.

Also retailers can benefit from handheld devices by using them for visual merchandising processes. Simple, clear and quick information can be transported from one device to another which automatically leads to an enhanced in-store communication. Piles of paper signs can be replaced – no printing, no shipping, no distribution costs for corporate materials. Look books and visual merchandising instructions can be sent more frequently and in real-time. Employee training or analytical data can be shown in interactive manuals.


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