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In general a fully integrated and visually supported process is bound to improve efficiencies throughout all departments. Manual input of data in various systems takes time and should be eliminated. Then a truly integrated collaboration between all departments (Product development, Buying, Retail & VM) will be facilitated.

Find below more examples with numbers and percentages of actual consumers whom have benefitted from implementing Visual Retailing products. Missed the first article of the series explaining the first 3 KPI's? View it here.


Business benefits (KPI’s)


- 1 -


Optimized assortment per store cluster


- 4 -

- 2 -


Productivity increase for Visual Merchandise Team


- 5 -

- 3 -


Reduced costs by replacing physical Mock-up stores


- 6 -


Improving product photography


Reduced In-store labour costs


More accurate in-store execution


- 4 -

Improved product photography

Using StyleShoots will have a massive impact on the time spent on image capturing and the quality of product photos. These captured images could also be used in MockShop, ShopShape, lookbooks, catalogues, your digital asset management systems and e-commerce.

With StyleShoots Horizontal, everything you need for a quick and quality photo production, is already set up perfectly. StyleShoots handles all the complexity and cuts away the background automatically in seconds.



The productivity of the in-house product photo capturing process is optimized with 250%.  When looking at one of our customer’s process, the same products are captured for at least 5 different departments automatically.


- 5 -

Reduced In-store labour costs

Using ShopShape one can easily have compliance feedback to and from all relevant stores around the world. Up to the minute information and views help you build a better brand and strategically support sales.

Through this visual and more engaging way of communication you will notice an effect of reduced labour costs.




One of our ShopShape customers, a German fast fashion retailer, experienced a greater than 40% reduction in labour costs to set the floors. In-store labour costs are reduced with 20% on average. 


Labour cost reduction %.


- 6 -

More accurate in-store execution

MockShop gives you the ability to test designs and collections in a retail environment at the buying stage, therefore creating visual merchandising concepts at an earlier stage of the process. This ensures a better balanced collection at store level, thus improved stock management and more importantly an improved customer experience.

After implementing this a higher conversion ratio (convert “shoppers” into buying customers), better “sell through” and less markdowns will come naturally. The average ticket value will increase because collections are better presented. 



On an average, sales increased by 4%.  At one of our UK based customers, revenue increased by  6% one year after implementation/Go-Live.


Average % sales increase within 12 months after implementation.


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All data and statistics are measured on an average at our benchmark customers.

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