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In general a fully integrated and visually supported process is bound to improve efficiencies throughout all departments. Manual input of data in various systems takes time and should be eliminated. Then a truly integrated collaboration between all departments (Product development, Buying, Retail & VM) will be facilitated.


Visual Retailing has the tools to support this process making sure everybody spends their time efficiently while keeping the customer experience in mind.


Through the years we have kept a close relationship with our existing customers and gathered some feedback and information from them of frequent witnessed benefits. Find below some examples with numbers and percentages of actual users whom have benefitted from implementing Visual Retailing products.


Business benefits (KPI’s)


- 1 -

Optimized assortment per store cluster

- 2 -


Productivity increase for Visual Merchandise Team

- 3 -

Reduced costs by replacing physical Mock-up stores


- 4 -

Improving product photography

- 5 -

Reduced In-store labour costs

- 6 -

More accurate in-store execution


- 1 -

Optimized assortment per store cluster

Custom visual analysis makes the data more manageable. See your product range as you want, by slicing and dicing your product range to spot gaps instantly. Make sure your products match defined colour cards and concepts, from the early planning stage to the development of the product range.

Define merchandise categories within a store cluster to provide optimal capacities, product quantities and merchandise flow. Use MockShop to Improve your assortment creation and visually analyse the collection-setup per cluster. Create mock-ups of store clusters including Merchandise before the “buy”.



On an average, sample and buying costs went down with 5% by improving space utilization when leveraging space planning and statistical information capabilities.


Average sample & buying costs reduction %.


- 2 -

Productivity increase for Visual Merchandise Team

You can create as many automated planograms/guidelines as you want, for stores of any space grade and in any location. This gives you complete, worldwide control over your brand identity. 

The increased number of guidelines relates to the ability to work and communicate based on store clusters on a weekly basis. This is made easy and user friendly through our Mockshop tool. 



At one of our customers, an American retailer, productivity went up from 60 planogram guidelines per month to 350 automated planograms with the same labour. Productivity went up with 35% on average at our benchmark customers.


- 3 -

Reduced costs by replacing physical Mock-up stores

A real Mock-up store became redundant as using our Mockshop software takes no physical labour, no actual materials and it’s much

more time and cost efficient. Create as many mock-shops as you like, without limitations in size, fixtures, merchandise or POS material.



These costs are reduced with 40% on average. The same American retailer saved in excess of US $2 million per annum, by planning the stores in a virtual way in the Mockshop applications and sending out guidelines digitally instead of printing and physically shipping them to the stores.


Average cost reduction %.



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All data and statistics are measured on an average at our benchmark customers.